Mac Blackjack

Mac Free Cell is a full featured, fun, and challenging free cell solitaire game designed from the ground up exclusively for Macintosh computers. Mac Free Cell supports full hi-def resolution (1920x1080) for extra-large, beautifully rendered and easy to read cards.

Mac Free Cell with the Kona sunset appearance theme.

Mac Free Cell has multiple built in deck sizes to suit virtually all display sizes. The best size is calculated based on the game window size. Game window sizes are dynamic and can be changed anytime while playing. The window and card size will reconfigure themselves without interrupting the game. Drag the window to its maximum 1920x1080 size and the card size will increase.

Actual Mac Free Cell Cards. All of the cards are large, sharp, and vibrant for easy reading.

Mac Free Cell will take advantage of larger displays, but will work equally well on Macs with smaller displays, such as MacBooks and MacBook Airs.

Mac Free Cell appearance window.

You can configure virtually all aspects of the game appearance to suit your particular tastes. Simply select "Appearance" from the Mac Free Cell Options menu. You can change the game background and the card highlight color.


Mac Free Cell high scores window.

Mac Free Cell has the ability to track and record the best times for each game. Scoring is optional. If you would prefer to not track the best times then simply uncheck "Track Best Times" from the Mac Free Cell Options menu. When scoring is enabled, the best time for each game will be recorded along with the player name and the unique game number associated with the game.

Mac Free Cell game number window.

The game number window allows you to replay any game using its unqiue game number. The game number will appear in the window title bar each time a new game is dealt. This number can always be used to reference that particular layout.

Mac Free Cell is a challenging game, so you will sometimes reach dead ends. If you do reach a dead end, then just try the exact same game again by replaying the game number. Mac Free Cell can also undo and redo and unlimited number of plays. In fact, you can undo all the way back to the start of the game, regardless of the number of plays that you have made.

Mac Free Cell game statistics window.

Mac Free Cell also has a statistics option. Like scoring, statistics tracking can be turned on or off via the Options Menu. The pie charts also give a quick visual indication of the wins versus losses.

Mac Free Cell highlighting.

Mac Free Cell can also highlight all available plays as well as card builds. Each can be highlighted alone or both can be highlighted simultaneously. Highlighting can be done with the secondary mouse button or the keyboard. If you need a hint then just press the secondary mouse button or the OPTION key to highlight each card that can be played.

Mac Free Cell screen shot.

Mac Free Cell has many more features and options. Download a free trial and start playing right now. No email address or other personal information is required to download a free trial. Mac Free Cell requires Mac OS X. It will NOT work on Windows, iPads, iPhones, or iPods.

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